Friday, August 20, 2021

Zion National Park II

The second day's hike in Zion National Park was easier.  It began in the morning before the heat came.

A mule deer nibbled the foliage along the way.

The Riverside Walk leads to The Narrows.

To see the narrows calls for a couple of miles walking in the Virgin River, sometimes above the knee.

I started up the river a couple of hundred yards, just to get the idea, 

It is beautiful, but you need to look elsewhere for WOW photos of The Narrows.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

It all looks pretty WOW to me!

RedPat said...

Your shots look great, Jack! I wouldn't have gone along much further either. ;-)

jennyfreckles said...

It looks stunning, very Wow!

Taken For Granted said...

Glad you had an easier day, Jack. I think you did get WOW photos of this amazing park. Hope you have more to show.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful views. Of course I'd love to see it.