Monday, August 23, 2021

Trail Cam

 I am back in Connecticut, housebound from the minor effects of Tropical Storm Henri.  (We got lucky.)  So, I spent time checking the images captured over the past week on my new trail camera.  

My property abuts a stream and a preserve.  The bottom of the property is wild, with ferns and skunk cabbage . . . food for deer.  There were 354 images, most blurred or obscured.  But, some were fun to see.

This young doe passes through the property regularly, several times a day.  She is often accompanied by one or two fawns.  The fawns also visit by themselves, but I didn't like any of their images.

A young doe and a young buck passed through in the late morning.

The trail cam photographs with infra-red light after dark.  The nighttime images are much grainier and the shutter speed is slower, often producing blur.  But, this image of a deer was decent.

I wonder if I will capture a bear sometime.  One was in the neighborhood three weeks ago.


RedPat said...

I see lots of fun ahead for you with the camera!

Taken For Granted said...

What fun to see the wildlife passing through your property. Hope you get lucky and photograph your bear.

Sharon said...

How fun to see these images!

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

You've got some nice images there. I've often thought of getting a Trailcam for the deer that visit me. No bears though, thank goodness.

William Kendall said...

Trailcams do pick up some marvelous shots.