Saturday, May 18, 2024

Southport - III

This is the third and last day for showing houses and similar structures in Southport's historic district. 

The Wakeman family was one of Southport's wealthiest families, with several generations of ship owners and merchants.  In 1871 W. W. Wakeman built this house for Sarah Wakeman, the widow of one of his brothers.  Although she died a year later, her daughters lived here for four more decades.

The 1913 Wakeman Memorial Building was funded by Miss Frances Wakeman to recognize her grandfather.  For decades it housed the Boys and Girls Club before being converted to a residence after the Boys and Girls Club relocated to a bigger facility.  

This 1834 house on Harbor Road has Federal and Greek Revival characteristics.  Jeremiah Sturges and his son Henry owned and updated the house.

A woman I met on the streets of Southport pointed out this yellow house and told me that it had been owned and occupied by "shock jock" Don Imus before he sold it and built a massive and fancier house across Southport Harbor near the Country Club of Fairfield.


Bonnie S. said...

I think your source may have been confused. Don Imus owned 273 Harbor Road from 1991 to 1999. Then he purchased 106 Beachside Avenue in Westport, tore it down and built a new home which is direct waterfront but is not really near the CC of Fairfield. It doesn't appear that he ever owned the yellow house in the photo.

Taken For Granted said...

Thank you for showing these lovely old houses no matter who owned them and lived there.