Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Whipstick Farm

 A retired journalist from Ridgefield's local paper is the town's informal historian.  I try to read his essays about this new-to-me town.  Not long ago I read about a 19th century Chairman and CEO of Chase National Bank who built a weekend getaway mansion in a high end part of Ridgefield.

It turns out that this banker was born on a Midwest farm.  Even though he rose to the heights in finance, he remained a farmer at heart.  So, about a mile away from his weekend mansion he bought a farmhouse and over time accumulated 150 acres that he hired locals to farm.  

Whipstick Farm is still here today, though the land is no longer actively farmed and has largely returned to nature.  The main house now has six acres.  It is now on the market and ready for its next owner 


RedPat said...

It looks like a fine house, Jack. Love that porch.

Aimz said...

Looks like a nice house to live and farm.