Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Out of the Jurisdiction: Rabat, Morocco

I am visiting Morocco for two weeks.  After flying into Casablanca, my group was transported
to Rabat, the administrative capital of the country.  Rabat is on the Atlantic coast.

The Chellah is a medieval fortified Muslim necropolis.

La Tour Hassan is an incomplete mosque.  The 12th century tower was intended to be the largest minaret in the world, along with the mosque, which was also intended to be the largest. When the Caliph died, construction stopped.  The tower is 140 feet, half of its intended height.  Walls and 348 columns survive.  Across the way is the modern Mausoleum of Mohammed V, from 1961.

The Mausoleum.

Ceiling, dome and stained glass of the Mausoleum.

Details of the outside of the Mausoleum.

The Royal Palace.  Morocco is ruled under a constitutional monarchy.  The current king is Mohammed VI, a progressive monarch in his 50s, who has ruled since
the death of his father Hassan II in 1999.

The Kasbah is a fortress atop a hill, with winding paths past blue and white painted residences.
At the top are fabulous views of beaches on the Atlantic and the Bou Regreg  estuary.



Kate said...

Remarkable architecture, old and memorable. The beach scene is also remarkable!

Sharon said...

Spectacular photos Jack! I've also been enjoying your Instagram posts.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful views, Jack- that dome particularly.

RedPat said...

You lucky guy, Jack! A friend did a bicycle tour of Morocco a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it!

Lois said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos Jack! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your trip.

Taken For Granted said...

Lovely photos, Jack. I always enjoy your travel pictures. Keep applying your photographic skills.

boromax said...

!!!! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing your travels so beautifully!

Bill said...

Wonderful photos, Jack. I love your traveling images!