Sunday, September 30, 2018

Local Authors II

Charles Teale is a retired Hartford Fire Chief.  As a teen, he had ambition but poor learning skills.  He was mentored by Walter "Doc" Hurley, a prominent Hartford teacher and coach.  Teale eventually acquired the learning skills to succeed.  He has written a biography of Doc Hurley.  He has also written a book about how to learn, and he teaches classes on the subject.

Sarah Whelan is a grant writer with a background and clientele in law enforcement.  She has just come out with her debut novel, The Struggle Within, about a riot in a men's prison.
A female counselor in the prison is a protagonist.

Althea Bates works in social services.  She created Project Resiliency, seeking to encourage and empower women of color in areas of self-care and resiliency related to mental, physical and emotional health.  Her new book is Brokenness, Baggage and Blessings.

Nzima Hutchings goes by the name "Every Kinda Lady."  She writes books of poetry.

Steve Thornton has written a couple of small books, including Wicked Hartford.  Thornton had a career in union organizing.  His book pokes holes in the reputations of several of 
the wealthy and powerful figures in Hartford's history. 

Two writers of books for children shared a table.  Brooke Aiello (on the left) wrote Tolerance Tykes, to encourage young readers and their parents, educators and mentors to be accepting of differences.  Lauryn Alyssa Wendus (on the right) writes Oliver Poons children's books that her mother illustrates.

Zulynette worked a corporate job and has since gone off on her own as a poet, artist, performer, author, speaker, facilitator and activist.  Building a Powerhouse draws from her experiences in corporate life and now working for herself.

Mark Dressler worked in insurance and then had a picture framing business.  Now retired,
the idea for a mystery got caught in his brain.  Three years and 300 pages later,
it is his debut novel. 


RedPat said...

What a great assortment of people they had for this event, Jack! I wonder how many books you bought?

Sharon said...

They all look very proud of their work....and rightly so.

William Kendall said...

Another excellent mix of genres, Jack!

Michelle said...

Wonderful to see these creative people. I think writing a book is something many people dream of.

Taken For Granted said...

Always fun to meet authors and see what books they have written. Last week our state book fair was in town where we got to do just that.