Saturday, September 22, 2018

Back in the US of A: Elizabeth Park

After 24 hours of traveling, I arrived back in West Hartford Thursday night.  
Still on Morocco time, I didn't sleep well.  

Yesterday afternoon I went over to Elizabeth Park to see how things looked.  The annual garden is still blooming, but it shows signs of succumbing soon to the coming arrival of Fall.  Like me, the day was cloudy and gray.  When I concentrated I could focus but otherwise life was a blur.


RedPat said...

It was a good idea to go to the park to awaken the senses, Jack! It was 30˚C here yesterday and right now it is only 11˚C so fall has arrived!

Kate said...

My newly-discovered and now beloved-park, Longfellow Garden, is slowly experiencing the same weather- related demise. I guess we just have to see beauty elsewhere during this coming cold season. That's part of where we have chosen to live, I guess. Your post flowers are beautiful, though, despite the cold. As we speak, it is 45 degrees F here and our furnace has been turned on. Soon the trees will be ablaze so we will have some colour for awhile.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous photo! I think the "returning" jet lag is the worse!

William Kendall said...

Very pretty!

We had a tornado blow through here last evening.