Friday, August 20, 2010


The owner of this stationery and novelty store became ill this winter.  The store shut down overnight, after anchoring an important location in West Hartford Center for decades.  We are all awaiting a new occupant.

The Tudor revival style became popular in greater Hartford around 1920.  We see it everywhere.


Birdman said...

Always have loved the Tudor look on buildings.

Sharon said...

I love tudor and these are two beautiful examples. My all time favorite house is s Tudor house located in the city where I grew up, Quincy Illinois. It's too bad that someone from Quincy hasn't started a daily photo web site. They would have a year's worth of posts on just the gorgeous historic homes.

Hilda said...

Definitely not a style that I ever see here in Manila.

I hope the previous owner is okay, and that the shop gets a new owner soon too. I love stationery stores!

Leif Hagen said...

Tudor style, tudor architecture! Love it!