Sunday, May 7, 2023

Spring in Connecticut

 Just a few springtime things around the house in the southwest corner of Connecticut.

I thought I would be too late for daffodils, but some clumps are still in late bloom.

I decided to participate in part in No Mow May to help the pollinators, so I had the front yard (visible to the street) mowed but will leave the back alone until June.

Last year I had a Kwanzan cherry tree planted.  I am delighted to see good strong bloom this spring.

A tree was cut down before I bought this house.  The decay is beautiful.

A couple of bushes are putting out strong new shoots.

Skunk cabbage is plentiful down low near the stream behind my house.

And a chipping sparrow paused in the open to give me practice photographing New England birds.  Many birds in Florida are much bigger and slower.  I will need practice up here with the LBJs (little brown jobs).


Stefan Jansson said...

I only noticed the first daffodils this week.

William Kendall said...

Daffodils here are just appearing.

Taken For Granted said...

Our Daffodils are just blooming now. Jack, you had a successful walk around your house producing great images. Love the mushrooms growing on the rotting stump, how pretty. You have always inspired me to improve my bird photography. You are still the master. Good luck with the LBJs.