Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Colorful Victorian Houses

 I like well-painted multi-colored Victorian-era houses.

This one is just steps away from Ridgefield's main street.  Very, very convenient and walkable.  And it became available for new buyers on Monday.  I looked at the photos online.  The interior has been nicely modernized and there is a lovely patio behind the house, with an outside kitchen.  Love it.

This house is also close to Ridgefield's downtown, but it is on a busy street and I imagine the traffic and noise are headaches.  I'm not a fan of the fake shutters and the window air conditioners.

This house is across the New York state line in South Salem.  
All three of these houses have big, open porches, another thing that I like.

And this drool-worthy Italianate house on Ridgefield's Main Street  is above and set back enough from the street that I imagine the traffic noise isn't bad.  I like the open porch on one side and the enclosed porch on the other side.  It has not been on the market in the time I have been looking at Ridgefield properties, but at an earlier time of my life I would have been keeping an eye on it.


Stefan Jansson said...

The third photo is very pleasing to the eye.

RedPat said...

They are beauties, Jack! I love the porches too.

Barbara Rogers said...

As always I think of the regular painting that is required for these houses. I guess I could accept the window air conditioners, but the top pair of windows with one having a screen and the other not, makes it look as if it's winking at me. That last blue one looks more to my liking than the one that is currently on the market.

William Kendall said...

I like these, Jack.

Sharon said...

Wow, you found some real beauties here.

JudithK said...

Ha. So, gonna get the first one?