Thursday, August 9, 2018

Five Men at the Jazz Concert

When I posted a photo of Stuart a week ago, I said I didn't know who he is but he has presence and a strong profile.  Now I know that Stuart teaches art in the Hartford public schools, grades K-8.

Dave was very surprised when I asked to take his photograph, but he said, "Go ahead."

Caesar thought it was funny that I wanted to take Dave's photograph, but not as funny when I told him, "You're next."  When I told him I know his cousin Augustus, he gave me a big smile.

Jerry was feeling the music.  He was on his way to the front to dance.

I photographed Chad's lady first, and then it was his turn.


RedPat said...

I wonder how many people turn you down, Jack!

Karl said...

Another sequence of cool portraits, Jack !

William Kendall said...

Stuart reminds me of Bob Marley.

Sharon said...

Smiles all around. I bet there are some students who have secret crushes on Stuart the art teacher. And, tell Jerry to wait for me. I like to feel the music too.

bill burke said...

Liking your style Jack, you got some nice smiles from these men.

Kate said...

Good variety of people and happy smiles.