Saturday, August 11, 2018

Five at a Hartford Bus Stop

At first I walked past Shannon.  But, she looked so down and out, I went back and gave her some money and told her to get something to eat.  Shannon lives under a nearby bridge.

Raymond was happy to have someone to talk to.  He didn't smile for his portrait because he is missing several teeth and he is self-conscious.  Raymond proudly told me he shaves once a month.  
This wasn't the day.

Tori works at the downtown Hartford Y, in the Head Start program.

Andy is a mechanic.  When I showed him this photo, he said, "I look like a terrorist."

Desire's red braids caught my eye.  She smiled for the first two photos, but I didn't like them.
I asked her to wipe all expressions and go blank.  I liked this one better.  Desire is a
nursing student in Hartford.  She works at a production company in New Britain.


Kate said...

All five have facial features that make arresting photos. Each one alone could make a great photo so all of them are excellent subjects for your post. I am intrigued that your subjects seem to be mindful and cooperative to your instructions.

RedPat said...

You are going to become known in Hartford for your portraits of the citizens, Jack!

William Kendall said...

Very different faces, Jack!

Taken For Granted said...

Jack, you find the most interesting people along the street. You obviously made a connection with each of the people you photographed.

bitingmidge said...

Fantastic Jack. I simply don't have the courage, but your interaction is clearly evident! Well done on them all.

Joan Elizabeth said...

It is wonderful how you have engaged with each of these people and done beautiful portraits of them.

bill burke said...

It's nice that people feel comfortable around you when you take their photos. Excellent work, Jack!