Saturday, August 20, 2016

Out of the Jurisdiction: Oslo Museums

A ferry from Aker Brygge -- Oslo's rebuilt waterfront -- leads to the nearby peninsula of Bygdøy,
home of numerous popular museums.  The Norway Folk Museum is a big complex featuring numerous old buildings taken apart in their original locations around Norway and rebuilt here. 

These two storehouses from Telemark (200+ miles west of Oslo) were brought 
to the museum in 1898, the same year the museum opened on Bygdøy.

A 13th century stave church is a highlight of the museum's collection.

Interpreters like this baker work in some of the buildings.

A five minute walk brings visitors to the Viking Ship Museum.  Three 9th century wooden Viking ships sit inside this museum, along with artifacts found with them.  This is the Oseberg Ship, dated to 834 A.D. or earlier.  It was found early in the 20th century buried at a farm 60 miles south of Oslo.

The Fram Museum contains two ships used by Fritdjof Nansen, Raold Amundsen and others to explore the North and South Poles in the 10 years either side of 1900.  The Fram (above) pushed its way far into the ice near both poles, and teams went the rest of the way with dog sleds and skis. 

A six person team led by Amundsen used the Gjøa to navigate a Northwest Passage
 in the Arctic Circle from 1903 - 1906. 


Kate said...

Those ships are spectacular! So much history! The Viking ship you photographed helps me understand that the men had to have been very hardy to conquer the areas they did with such a rudimentary vessel. The certainly overran many of my ancestors!!

Unknown said...

The first photo pulled me in, and the rest kept me saying, WOW! I love all the intricate work on the log cabins in the first photo and then I got to the ships! It is obvious the builders put enormous thought, hard work and pride into creating these ships.

Sharon said...

Those ships are amazing. Simply breathtaking.

Karl said...

Thanks for the interesting tour, Jack !
Have a good time.

jennyfreckles said...

What a fascinating place. I'm amazed to see that ancient longboat. Glad you took us on a visit there!

William Kendall said...

This place would really draw me in. I think I've seen it in a photoblog from someone in the area.

Bill said...

Those museums are really awesome. I was there in 1998 and enjoyed them a lot.

RedPat said...

Love that church! And the viking ship!

Kay said...

I've been scrolling through your travel shots since you've been gone. Tonight I've had a chance to backtrack. Your shots from the Viking Ship Museum have moved Oslo up on the WannaGo list. I've seen Oseberg Ship photos before; your shots are very nice. (Overall love the Norway shots!)