Friday, August 10, 2018

Seven Women at the Jazz Concert

Robin works in the prison system, teaching performance arts and offering healing for addictions. 
Her tattoo is Joan of Arc.

Giselle is a surgical assistant.  She was sitting with Stuart from yesterday.

Sharon was OK with a photo, but I wasn't going to get anything else out of her.

Sheila was feeling the music and moving with it.  She is the drummer's mother.

Just a guess, but I think Helga likes pink.

Shanee's blonde hair really stands out.  She was sitting with Chad from yesterday.

Ruby thought it was hysterical that I wanted to take her photograph.


Kate said...

They all seem to be delighted to be a part of your gallery of happy women!

RedPat said...

Everyone looks so happy, Jack!

William Kendall said...

Splendid portraits. Your take of Shanee is my favourite.

Sharon Anck said...

You have a real knack for getting people to smile!