Friday, January 28, 2022

Revs Institute

 Last week I toured this remarkable Naples museum of 112 superb vehicles, most of them exquisite and perfect examples.  Many of the automobiles had won major international races.  A very knowledgeable college friend who has been a docent for 33 years led the tour.

Three beautiful red sports cars sit in the entrance hall, below photographs of some of the men who were luminaries in the early days of the automobile industry.  The three sports cars are a 1965 Ferrari (250 LM Berlinetta GT), a 1964 Porsche (904 Carrera GTS) and a 1964 Alfa Romeo (Guila TZ).

This 1935 MG (PA/PB) is called "Leonidas."  It was owned and raced by Miles Collier.  Collier and his brother Sam introduced the MG brand to America, formed the Automobile Racing Club of America, and introduced endurance racing to a former bomber training facility in the swamps of central Florida known as Sebring. Miles Collier's son, also named Miles Collier, is the collector who assembled this collection.

In the front in white with red features, a 1928 Stutz (BB Black Hawk Boatail Speedster).  In the rear in black and its own red highlights is a 1929 Sunbeam (3-Liter Super Sport Tourer).  

Here is a 1952 Lancia (Aurelia B20 GT Series II), an Italian post-war automobile with numerous technical innovations, styling advances and racing successes.

More automobiles tomorrow.

I am not a car guy.  I know just about nothing about cars beyond steering wheel, brakes and radio.  Information about these vehicles is "borrowed" from plaques beside the cars and a valuable car-by-car description from the Revs Institute website.


William Kendall said...

Beautiful cars.

RedPat said...

They are fabulous, Jack.
When a laneway house is built the parking becomes street parking only which is really common in the older parts of the city where these laneways exist.

Sharon said...

I would enjoy seeing this place. The Barrett-Jackson classic car sale is going on right now here in Scottsdale but I'm not going this year. It gets way too crowded in that facility. But, I'll miss seeing the fantastic cars.

Taken For Granted said...

The Rev Museum has an amazing collection of historic cars. I enjoyed your photos, and especially enjoyed seeing the MG as I have one parked in my garage (a 1956 MGA). I must have spent an hour looking at the Rev collection. How I would love to visit in person, and especially with your friend as a guide. I'll bet he has great stories. Also thank your for your comments today, always appreciated.

Aimz said...

I'm loving all those cars.