Thursday, October 13, 2016

Middletown's Main Street

Middletown is kind of arty, kind of funky, kind of downtrodden, kind of fun, kind of sad.  
Restaurants, bars, galleries, clinics, social services.  I walked Main Street.

Nora's Cupcake is a Mecca for cupcake aficionados.  I decided they weren't good for my blood sugar.

Krust is a restaurant with a spare decor featuring manufactured wood.

Once a week Ada handles the cash register at her daughter's craft gallery, Tesoro. 

As Halloween approaches, Tesoro sells skeletons in wigs and fancy dresses.  I didn't buy one.

Middletown has a big homeless population.  A community garden is a favorite hangout.

An artist volunteering at 650 Main Street, a gallery, painted portraits of many of the homeless, 
to make the point that they have faces and stories.  It was closed. I shot through the window.


Andy said...

Excellent photos Jack. Your Main Street walk was well worth it.

Sharon Anck said...

Too bad that gallery wasn't open, those portraits look very well done. You have such good self control, not getting one of those cupcakes.

Gunn said...

Did I see a Christmas tree next to these yummy cakes??
Nice to see places you visit. Keep walking and looking:)

William Kendall said...

How could one resist cupcakes?

bill burke said...

Nice walk Jack! I like the display of painted portraits of the homeless. It's a great idea!

Halcyon said...

I'd definitely try the cupcakes!

RedPat said...

Too bad the gallery was closed, Jack! These people all have stories worth hearing.

Kay said...

Interesting walk. I'd have trouble passing up a cupcake.