Wednesday, June 14, 2023


 A wonderful visit in the southern Andalusian mountains to the city of Ronda.

A gorge of almost 400 feet divides the two sides of Ronda.  It is connected by the "new bridge." 

 "New" means the bridge was completed in 1793.

We visited Ronda's bullfighting ring, the oldest and largest in Spain.  

We also visited the bullfighting museum and got an education about bullfighting and its traditions.  The best bullfighters come from the same families, with the Romero and Ordonez families having the longest and most successful lineages.

The visit ended with a visit to a small winery outside the city, with delicious local food, a selection of three wines, and a tour of the vineyard.


Stefan Jansson said...

Looks like you are having a good time in Spain.

Taken For Granted said...

Ronda is an impressive town. Love your photo of the "New" bridge. The bullring is impressive, but the largest in Spain is Las Ventas in Madrid. It holds holds 23,798 fans and, at 196 feet in diameter, the arena is one of the largest in the world. Bull fighting seems a dying ritual. (It is NOT a sport.)

William Kendall said...

The New Bridge feels familiar to me.