Thursday, June 3, 2021

Prospector Theater -- III

 The moving force behind the Prospector Theater is Val Jensen, who has a sister with Down Syndrome and through her family experience learned that 80 percent of disabled adults are unemployed.  

So, the irrepressible Val founded the Prospector Theater.  75 percent of the employees are disabled.  

Can you see the polka dots on her stockings and the butterflies on her shoes?

Val kept the theater open on a limited basis throughout the pandemic, except for about two months.  Despite the financial strain, she paid all of the employees throughout the pandemic.  

(The sparkly question mark asks, "What is next?)  

In April, the Prospector and Val were featured on ABC's Good Morning America.  It is worth ten minutes of your time to see the video.


William Kendall said...

Cheerful portraits, and good for her.

RedPat said...

Good for her! There is a similar theatre here called the Famous Peoples Players that employs disabled adults and is quite well received.

Stefan Jansson said...

Good for her.