Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Leila and her friends

I spotted Leila coming toward me.  In a leopard pattern.  And a tiara.  A bare midriff.  And braids.
She was happy to be photographed, but she picked a location with harsh light and shadows.
I told her I didn't think the lighting would work.  These two pics could he saved by heavy cropping.

Then, around the corner came the friends who were meeting Leila for lunch.  Square pink glasses and a sundress.  A shaved head.  Tattoos everywhere.  We found a nearby place where 
an awning provided the necessary shade.   

Meet Sunny (square pink glasses), Alexis (black dress), Rockie (shaved head and tattoos), Olivia  (black camisole and fish tattoo on her shoulder), Tiara (pink and black dress and wanting to be anywhere else), Jess (tie-dyed dress) and Leila.  The baby declined to be identified.