Thursday, October 29, 2020

Some More Local Places

Peaceable Street.  Can you think of a more calming street name?

 Lions, pumpkins and a sturdy gate guard a fine estate on Silver Hill Road.

This blue house is on a prime location on Ridgefield's Main Street, just four doors south of the downtown.  It has a carriage house behind and a pool.  Like it?  It can be yours.  It is for sale

And,  I was driving in North Salem, one of the New York towns in the horse country just across the state line from Ridgefield.  I came across this place. What is it?  A riding stable?  An estate?  A gentleman's farm?  So, of course I googled the address.  It is just a house (but one with space for six cars in the garages) and it is for sale.  At a price just a fraction of what it must have cost to build it.


Kate said...

I am always curious to know about the people who still buy these large houses. Yes, the blue one is quite lovely!

RedPat said...

All of the houses there seem to be huge, Jack!

Luis Gomez said...

Jack, everything looks so beautiful.

Taken For Granted said...

Beautiful fall photos of impressive houses. That last one is too large without a large staff to manage it, but the garage is almost large enough.

William Kendall said...

The last is my favourite.