Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Color and Monochrome Portraits

I tried some more black and white portraits.  And then color.  
Do some portraits need to be in color?

Stephanie is a Boston banker visiting college friends in West Hartford.
What do you think?  Color or B&W for Stephanie?

JoAnne is a Hartford educator who I saw as she left a film at Hartford's art museum.
JoAnne is very colorful, of course, but is black and white OK, too?

Jose worked on the concrete base for Calder's Stegosaurus decades ago.
Color or monochrome for Jose?


William Kendall said...

Colour works for Stephanie and JoAnne, but Jose seems more suited to black and white.

Sharon said...

I think both work.

Bob Crowe said...

Each is so different - pose, expression, distance to subject. I like the third of Stephanie - best composition, most flattering light. Far better expression/pose for JoAnne in the first. Both pictures of Jose have some trchnical issues, at least for me. In the color, the crop on the chest is a bit tight and I'd like his face not pointed right at the camera. (B&W of Joanne has a nice pose.)

BTW my photography teachers were always nagging that the photographer is responsible for everything in the frame and came down on students for things like the sculpture growing out of Jose's head in the last image. I've never mentioned where I got my training and it's up your way - look up the Maine Media Workshops. I really enjoyed it.

Stefan Jansson said...

Color for the ladies.

Susan Kane said...

Color for the girls, b/w for Joe. You know , I don't really know why, but it seems the color pops and they pop.

Barbara Rogers said...

As several others commented, I would go with B&W for Jose, but those ladies may be beautiful in it, but they become statements in color. There's passion there.

Michelle said...

I will admit to loving b/w photos and portraits. They evoke more feeling, I think. It makes one focus on the detail of the photo.