Thursday, November 8, 2018

Autoberfest: People

Richard has been growing his mustache for nine years.  It was four inches longer before he cut it.

              Me:             Can I take your picture?
              Rosemary:  Why?
              Me:             I like to photograph interesting people.
              Rosemary:  Oh, am I interesting?
              Me:             Sure.  Red hair, pretty, fit . . .
              Rosemary:  That's enough.  Sure, go ahead.

Zack has a detailed tattoo of a sailing ship all over his arm.  

Joanna coordinated her cat ears with her shirt.

People sitting on hay bales listened to the band.


Stefan Jansson said...

Very photogenic people.

RedPat said...

Good portraits, Jack! Everyone always looks good in your pics!

William Kendall said...

Good shots, Jack!

jennyfreckles said...

I think you can sweet-talk anyone into posing.