Saturday, June 22, 2024

Make Music Day 2024

 Yesterday was Ridgfield's seventh year participating in Make Music Day.

Willow Bradford is a junior in high school in the adjoining town of Redding.  She played rock and jazz classics on the keyboard in front of Ridgefield Town Hall.

The singer/songwriter Kai Fozouni also performed at Town Hall.  He is a recent graduate of Ridgefield High School.

The Noreen Mola Quartet performed in front of Ridgefield Running Company.  
Two young boys felt the music and began dancing.

Charlotte Roth grew up in Ridgefield and graduated from college in Virginia.  She is a composer/singer/songwriter/actor and played an acoustic guitar on the grounds of Ridgefield Library.

Cintia Maio played the guitar in front of Ridgefield Building Supply.  I felt badly for her; that location is out of the downtown and doesn't draw much of a crowd.  A tall guy is reflected in the window behind her and we see a woman looking for paints in the same window.

I saw Daniel Madeson sing on the Ridgefield Library lawn.  He has a nice voice and performed rock classics.


Taken For Granted said...

What a wonderful thing for the town to do. I'm always impressed by people who can play music and sing. Lovely photos.

Cloudia said...

What a great town!

Sharon said...

Wow, lots of music going on. That would be so much fun.