Sunday, March 12, 2023

Leoma Lovegrove

 Leoma Lovegrove is a popular artist in Southwest Florida.  She is a colorful individual and paints with loose strokes in bright, happy colors.  Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Gardens is exhibiting some of her works and has many more in its gift shop.

Leoma Lovegrove's manatee and octopus were placed in the gardens.

Lovegrove often features flamingos in her paintings.

The flamingoes spread around the gardens are not by Lovegrove, but they complement her paintings very nicely.  The Gardens' current exhibition is called "Caribbean Colors."


William Kendall said...

These are wonderful.

Barbara Rogers said...

Very cheerful paintings...and last shot is of Begonia-mingoes.

RedPat said...

Very suitable for Florida.

Stefan Jansson said...

I like her style.

Taken For Granted said...

What fun to have art displayed around the gardens. I also like her style.