Saturday, December 15, 2018

Dueling Hospitals

Fort Myers in Lee County and Naples in Collier County are the big gorillas in Southwest Florida.
Estero and Bonita Springs are the fast-growing and (mostly) affluent towns in between.
Route 41 is the main connector route.

Lee Memorial Hospital (from Fort Myers) and Naples Community Hospital (NCH, from Naples) are battling over Estero and Bonita.  Today NCH is opening a glistening new emergency room facility
 on Route 41 on the Estero-Bonita Springs line.  Lee Memorial opened a competing emergency services facility on Route 41 a mile north two weeks ago.


William Kendall said...

Is it an element of American health care that there's this kind of competition? I can't think of that dynamic between hospitals here.

jennyfreckles said...

I can never figure your healthcare system. If you're in a road traffic accident, do you get a say in where they take you? Here, you're just taken to the nearest A&E facility.

RedPat said...

I guess it is part of your money-making health care system. Totally unlike ours.