Sunday, December 23, 2018

A Christmas Party

Last night was the 2018 edition of a wonderful annual Christmas party.

Eleanor, the hostess' daughter, takes very good care of George.

Everyone brings an hors d'oeuvres or dessert.  This competitor was declared winner by acclamation.

The evening ended, as it always does, with a pianist leading spirited singing of Christmas carols.
(I always blur the photos from this party, to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.)


RedPat said...

Dessert looks like fun! That is a great tradition, Jack!

William Kendall said...

George looks like quite the character.

Lowell said...

Fun times! I'm guessing George sings the bass part!

Janet said...

Jack, I'm doing my occasional binge through your blog and loving every bit of it. Thanks for these pix. it is always nice to have everyone together for the party. Janet