Saturday, January 20, 2018

Naples Preserve

Naples Preserve is a small parcel of untouched natural land within the Naples city limits, 
sandwiched between busy Route 41, a big shopping mall and baseball fields.  
The eco-center is in a distinctive 1960s building.

There is a boardwalk through the preserve.  I saw a lot of gopher tortoises and took several photos,
but gopher tortoises don't make especially interesting subjects -- they look like
brownish black rocks -- so I deleted the pictures.

A lot of the trees are scrub pines with appealing scaly and shaggy bark. There was a plaque for the country's biggest myrtle oak.  I went looking.  About 20 feet away I found a temporary sign informing visitors that the tree fell during Hurricane Irma.


William Kendall said...

A good thing that it has been set aside.

jennyfreckles said...

Sad that the prize tree has gone.

Sharon said...

Midcentury architecture at it's best! That is sad about the Myrtle tree. It's nice that they put up a little sign in honor of it.

RedPat said...

Sad about the oak tree. It's nice to see such a natural area in a town!

Kay said...

That terrain doesn't look like an inviting place to do a cross country stroll. It's interesting to see it in the natural state. Too bad about the myrtle oak. Nature doesn't seem to play favorites.