Sunday, November 13, 2016

Park Shore

Park Shore is an older Naples neighborhood, meaning it was developed
in the 1960s onward with simple one-story ranch homes.  They are often on canals,
near the gulf.  Location, location, location.

There is an active business in buying up the older ranches, tearing them down
and constructing much larger and more expensive homes.
This one is underway.

It will end up like this.

Or this.

Or maybe one of these.


bill burke said...

I guess there is a market for those big houses. The last one makes me think of a villa.

Taken For Granted said...

Love the Spanish style house, but these are all too big for me these days. Beautiful photos.

Sharon said...

This looks very much like the Biltmore area I live in. I used to think the homes here were huge and gorgeous years and years ago when I first moved to Arizona but, now they are even bigger and grander. Some are the size of small hotels.

William Kendall said...

Definitely way over the top, I see.

R's Rue said...


RedPat said...

I prefer the old ranch style ones!

Michelle said...

They are nice, but just too big.

Gunn said...

Fantastic houses, and the gardens looks great too.
Lucky owners.

(Looks a bit like some houses I have seen in the southern part of Europe. Italy, France and Spain.)

Kay said...

This is like Marin County, California with palm trees.