Sunday, November 20, 2016

Old Florida Festival - Seminoles and Settlers

Last weekend the 27th Old Florida Festival was held on the campus of the
Collier County Museums in Naples.

Seminoles were a loose knit band of Native Americans, primarily Creek Indians and blacks. 
Seminoles in Florida engaged in a series of lengthy 19th century battles with the federal
government, resulting in many being resettled in Oklahoma in 1842.

Another Seminole.

More Seminoles.


Two settlers.



Andy said...

Amazing photography Jack.

Mersad said...

Love the shots Jack. You do portraits so well!

Mersad Donko Photography

bill burke said...

Nice images Jack.

Sharon Anck said...

Great set of photos from this event. I love all the elaborate costumes. Nicely done.

William Kendall said...

Wonderful portraits, Jack.

RedPat said...

Another great series of shots, Jack!

Michelle said...

They do have great costumes. Nicely done.

Lois said...

These are wonderful photos Jack. I would have enjoyed this festival. Thanks for sharing!

Karl Demetz said...

Beautiful portraits, Jack !

Kay said...

Phew! Another great series of portraits! The first one feels like he's looking through everything he sees.

Linda said...

Marvelous! I am normally shy of taking pictures of people but if they are in costume, I figure they don't mind.