Friday, March 4, 2016

Out of the Jurisdiction: Lima, Peru

Lima is a huge city, strangled by traffic.  11 million people.  Still, many things are worth seeing.

The Library at the Santo Domingo Priory.

Plaza San Martin.

This is the Cathedral of Lima, an interesting structure with a hodgepodge of styles 
from additions over time and rebuilding after earthquakes.

The Governor's Palace.

The mailbox on the Post Office building.  Put your mail in the lion's mouth.  I want one.

Pre-Incan gold work.   The Incan period was relatively short, maybe from 1100 to 1500 A.D., 
but there was a robust pre-Incan culture with many surviving artifacts. 

And, a cute boy entertained a group of cute girls.

I am away again until mid-March.


jennyfreckles said...

11 million - that is a lot of people! I had little clue what Lima looked like and to be honest I would not have expected such elegant buildings.

Jack said...

Most of Lima is not elegant. Simple box-like structures stacked tightly on top of and next to other simple box-like structures.

Kate said...

I love the mailbox; I'd like one of those myself. The photo of the strutting little boy and his female fan club is so joyful!

Taken For Granted said...

Your photos of Lima are certainly elegant. The buildings and people look great.

bill said...

The mailbox is a piece of art.

joo said...

The library is awesome!

William Kendall said...

That library's my favourite.

RedPat said...

I had no idea Lima was so large, Jack! Your pics make it look wonderful.

SRQ said...

Awesome library photo, Jack! Good eye realizing the lion is actually a mailbox. I'd love to see children dropping off mail there.

Janet said...

You're whetting my appetite! Gotta see that library. And the Post Office!