Monday, March 14, 2016

Out of the Jurisdiction: South Plaza Island

It is fascinating how each Galapagos island is different.  South Plaza Island's shoreline is ringed with volcanic boulders and cliffs, with lava rocks, opuntia cacti and sesuvium, a low ground cover 
that is red and orange when water is scarce.

A nazca booby -- white body, orange beak and eyes and a chocolatey brown tail and wing edge -- 
stood silently at a poop-covered promontory.

A blue-footed booby kept watch.

A young sea lion was curious.

A lava lizard posed, showing his best side.

And a swallow tail gull hid quietly behind a tree.

I am still away, for a few more days.


Stefan Jansson said...

amazing photos and scenes, keep the photos from your trip coming.

Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful shots!

joo said...

Lovely photos, Jack!

Sharon Anck said...

You are seeing some incredible wildlife!

William Kendall said...

An amazing ecosystem, Jack.

RedPat said...

What an experience you are having, Jack!

Karl Demetz said...

Fabulous places and fantastic photos, Jack !

jennyfreckles said...

Just catching up. What a wonderful part of the world to visit. (Though to be honest I didn't really know the Galapagos islands were there! I'd have thought Africa...)

bill said...

The photos are fantastic. I like the sea lion, he looks like he is posing for you.