Monday, April 1, 2024


 Today photographers who participate with City Daily Photo will be showing photographs illustrating the theme of "medicine."

Hmmm.  Not easy.

In  2019 I visited Cleveland Clinic where a surgeon cut me open, removed a tumor in my gastro-intestinal tract, removed parts of neighboring organs, then re-plumbed my innards and sewed me up.

The day before the surgery I wandered Cleveland Clinic's impressive campus and took pictures.

To see how other photographers deal with the theme of "medicine,"  click here.


Taken For Granted said...

Jack, good to know you survived your surgery. There was nothing wrong with your photographic eye before your surgery as you have wonderful perspective in your first photo and terrific reflections in the second one.

Jim said...

The pool looks cool.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful grounds. I suspect medical care was how most of us handled this one.