Saturday, February 24, 2024

Craft Show

 Green Door Nursery and A. Jaron Fine Jewelry cooperated to host a small craft show.

She creates jewelry that many women would like.  I picked up her business card but when I got home I discovered the print is so small I can't read it and I don't have a magnifying glass.

Monica was thrilled to be photographed. 

She makes mostly blue bowls and vases.  A customer came along, so I didn't have time to get her name.

Tracy Lauchaire does pen and ink drawings of houses and other architectural structures.

Josey Prior paints in bright, lush colors.  She wore a "Birthday Girl" sash but confessed she had miscalculated and it wasn't her birthday until the following day.

I had never been in the small garden center before.  It was cute, with lots of plants I might have wanted, except my yard is already planted.

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Taken For Granted said...

Looks like a fine craft show with a number of talented people displaying their work. Jack, once your flower bloom you should show us what your yard looked like.