Friday, December 1, 2023

Saks Fifth Avenue

 On the way up Fifth Avenue, I was blown over by the huge, mind-blowing, ornate astrological clock on Saks Fifth Avenue's facade.  The clock and the window displays cover seven stories and are jointly sponsored by Saks and Dior.  

The store and its neighbor, St. Patrick's Cathedral, are always eye candy, but the clock raises the "wow factor" to a new level.  

Dior and Saks collaborated on dressing the store's front windows with displays that emulated snow globes, with miniature characters and scenes of New York City.

For me, the most eye-popping window display is the miniature Saks storefront with the huge astrological clock.  Very clever.

Saks' neighbor, St. Patrick's, never disappoints, even with a pink ice cream truck as an ironic touch.


William Kendall said...


RedPat said...

Thanks for showing these displays, Jack.

Taken For Granted said...

Wow, Saks has outdone itself this Christmas season. Beautiful photographs.

Linda said...

That clock is amazing. The other displays are marvelous too.