Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry Johnsmas!

 Son John's birthday was today, which he called Johnsmas.

We went to West Hartford to put a wreath on his memorial arch at Elizabeth Park, as we have every year since we lost him in 2017.

The girls couldn't resist deep puddles.  Could you?  It was warm and dry in the car on the way back.

John specialized in colorful socks.  I was ready for Johnsmas.


Stefan Jansson said...

I hope you had a good Jonhsmas Jack. I like the socks, I often use colorful socks from Happy Socks. Nice photo of the girls jumping.

William Kendall said...

Quite colourful socks.

RedPat said...

A lovely way to remember him, Jack.

Barbara Rogers said...

I often wonder how I'd cope if any of my children were to die before me. I do not think I could go through that very bravely. So sorry to have Johnsmas as a memorial now, but glad you had colorful socks in common.

Aimz said...

cool socks, no one can resist puddles, they are still so much fun, Merry Christmas.