Thursday, July 14, 2022

Sanders and Sanders

For 47 years, Jack Sanders was a writer and editor for the Ridgefield Press.  He is the town's unofficial and unpaid historian, as well as the author of several books about the people and places of Ridgefield.

Jack also manages and writes for a popular Facebook group called "Old Ridgefield," a valuable way for a newcomer like me to learn about the town and its history. Old Ridgefield has 7,700 followers, an impressive number for a town with a population of 25,000. 

 Sally Sanders is Jack Sanders' wife and an active volunteer and writer for the Ridgefield Historical Society and other history-related organizations in Ridgefield.  When I met them, Jack and Sally were hosting an open house for an old schoolhouse in town.


William Kendall said...

Good portraits of them.

RedPat said...

Every town needs people like that.

Amy said...

They sound like people worth getting to know

Stefan Jansson said...

I know quite a few people like this couple. The local historical association can use any of my Haninge photos anyway they like.