Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Old Houses

 Houses from the late eighteenth century are all over.  Most have been expanded over the centuries and have renovated living spaces within their historic shells. 

This one in the southern part of Ridgefield is from 1780.

Captain Olmsted's house from 1790.  On Olmstead Lane in Ridgefield.  They changed the spelling.

Across the line into Wilton, a Keeler barn from 1800.  Converted into a home.

Two on Millstone Road in Wilton are from 1800 (top) and 1790 (below).

The Abijah Wallace House in North Salem, New York.  Circa 1760.


William Kendall said...

These are beautiful places.

RedPat said...

Wonderful old buildings, Jack!

Taken For Granted said...

Wow, those are amazingly historic homes. Our history around here is much later.

Mage said...

Marvelous. Thank you.

Barbara R. said...

How wonderful to find beautiful historic architecture!