Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Winter Storm Abel

The first snow storm of the season was much less exciting in the southwest corner of Connecticut than it was inland and east.  Still, it left some beauty.

Ridgefield 's Main Street.

Ballard Park.

A row of cat-n-nine-tails.

And icicles on a rhododendron.


RedPat said...

Snow looks wonderful in pics but is not fun to have in great piles. I'm hoping ours all melts this weekend.

Taken For Granted said...

Winter scenery looks fine in photos, but I thought you were safely in Florida.

Sharon said...

Great winter photos! Yesterday I heard on the news that flights were cancelled and delayed in New York so I went to the computer and found the Times Square web cam so I could see the snow. Not a flake in sight! It must have been snowing out where the airports are located but Manhattan was looking dry.

William Kendall said...


We have some snow falling today, but that system that hit the northeast seemed to stay south of us.

Rockinon said...

Such a classic American main street. That's the States I remember and love.