Monday, August 21, 2017

Chynnere Again

This is a repeat appearance for Chynnere.  You saw her before here.  Though I have photographed her several other times, I guess they are still in my archives and didn't get posted.

Whenever I pass the women's clothing store where Chynnere works, I peek inside to see what Chynnere is wearing and what she has done to her hair.  She never seems to repeat a look.
On this day Chynnere was mortified.  Her hair was wrapped.  "Bad hair day."

I am away for two weeks without reliable wifi.  Back the 26th.  Daily posts are scheduled.


Sharon said...

She looks lovely!

William Kendall said...

She's very photogenic!

jennyfreckles said...

I'd look totally silly in that but she looks fab.

RedPat said...

She looks good in that head wrap, Jack!

Kay said...

Such a beautiful woman. She's really got flair. Even her hair wrap is striking.