Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Some Folks I Met

Caroline is originally from the Riviera coast of France.  Before moving to Naples, she lived on Florida's East Coast.  Caroline is a lovely mixture of French, Vietnamese and Chinese.

Alex was born in Hungary.  He now lives in Canada, where he has a business making and marketing sandpaper and other abrasives.  He is often seen in Naples with his wife, ferrying their
grandchildren to the beach in his custom-made Zimmer automobile. 

Elaine left her dog at the vet.  She wore a phone earpiece so the vet could tell her when to get him.  She also wore bright red slacks matching her lipstick.   I couldn't fit them into the photo.

Van built high-end residences in greater Chicago.  He and his wife first bought a home in southwest Florida 40 years ago.  He retired at 58, got bored, and began a self-storage business.
For a friendly guy, he has one of the most intense expressions you will find.

Grace and Van have been married 54 years.  Jesus is at the center of their lives.  Grace loves 
spending time with her grandchildren.  She is also an artist who paints in oils.


jennyfreckles said...

Lovely portraits again. You found a nice neutral backdrop and soft light.

Ed said...

I've always enjoyed your portraits, Jack. Nice work.

Sharon said...

thans for the introductions.

RedPat said...

Nice portraits, Jack!

William Kendall said...

Quite a mix of people, Jack, and what a car!

Bill said...

Nice portraits Jack! Some very interesting people you are meeting.

Stefan Jansson said...

Some really great people and portraits here Jack. Keep up the good work.

Kay said...

Ah, the white wall at Starbucks! They're going to start charging you for "studio" space! Nice shots, of course!