Friday, September 9, 2016

Out of the Jurisdiction: Last Day In Stockholm

In secular countries like Sweden and Norway, the ornamentation that goes into churches in southern Europe goes into governmental buildings.  So . . . off to visit Stockholm's city hall.

The Golden Hall is constructed from 19 million mosaic tiles, most of which incorporate real gold.
The ball after the banquet for Nobel Prize winners is held in the Golden Hall every year.

The ceiling of the Municipal Council's chamber is a marvel.  Originally it was supposed to be a customary flat ceiling.  But, when the architect visited to check on construction, 
he saw the beautiful timbers and decided to leave it open.

On the way to the city hall, I heard the sound of horses and rushed over.
A parade with about fifty military horse riders and two carriages was passing by.

Buildings in Stockholm's downtown often have great embellishments.

The theater was on the way to lunch.  Actually, the theater was staying where it was.
I was on the way to lunch.

Anders is co-owner of Riche, a popular restaurant where the rich and famous dine.
The son of a friend is a waiter there.  Anders found us a table despite not having a reservation.
He is one of Sweden's most popular TV and radio talk show hosts.

I am back in Connecticut.  Posts from New England resume tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting while I have been away.


Francisco Manuel Carrajola Oliveira said...

Belas fotografias, gostei do blogue.
Um abraço e bom fim-de-semana.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Gosh Jack, you are going to have 'adornment/embellishment' withdrawals now that you're home 😊 We have enjoyed your travels immensely.. where are you taking us next!

Sharon said...

That is quite a large group of people filling up the Golden Hall. You got some fantastic photos on this trip.

Stefan Jansson said...

Some fine snaps from Stockholm here, not counting the last one!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

The Golden Hall is positively gob smacking.

Bill said...

Fantastic photos Jack! Your trip went by so fast.

William Kendall said...

Anders looks like quite a character. The architecture in the city is spectacular!

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Apart from the luxuriant curls Anders is very different from your usual photographic models. You've certainly treated us to some fine photographs of fascinating places over the last two or three weeks.

RedPat said...

I've really enjoyed your pics from your trip, Jack!
It's almost time for you to be heading back to Florida?

jennyfreckles said...

I tend to think Stockholm would look ultra-modern but you've found some wonderful older buildings.

Kay said...

Beautiful details.