Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Alina Eydel

Alina Eydel's gallery features her large scale, intricate and colorful mixed media images.  Some, like the yellow mosaic self portrait below, incorporate meticulously laid swirls of glass beads.

The bottom work is a kaleidoscopic mosaic crafted from butterfly wings.  Alina gets the wings from 17 farms around the globe.  The electric blue wings come from Blue Morpho butterflies, 
found in Mexican, Central American and South American rain forests.  

These beautiful wings are taken from butterflies that have died naturally.
 In addition to creating unusual and beautiful art, Alina feels she is helping to preserve rain forests
 by helping provide a secondary income source that does not require trees to be harvested.


Stefan Jansson said...

She seems like likeable woman and a fine artist.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I somehow wouldn't feel happy about a picture composed of butterfly wings, however persuasive and eloquent the arguments in their favour. The self-portrait would certainly brighten a dull winter day though - not that I could afford such an extravagance!

William Kendall said...

Her self portrait really sparkles!

RedPat said...

They certainly are attention grabbers, Jack!

Sandi said...

Very nice!

Kay said...

They're beautiful works. Josie, especially, looks great with those butterfly wings. I like crafts with feathers. But I find that butterfly wings give me pause. I guess if I completely trusted they'd "died naturally" I'd be more comfortable.