Sunday, October 29, 2017

Surveying Irma

I got back to Naples Thursday night, two weeks later than usual.  So, Friday I walked around to see how things look six weeks after Hurricane Irma raced through Naples on September 10.

In general, my North Naples neighborhood looks better than I expected.  Sure, there are still occasional leaning trees and lots of broken branches, but most damaged trees
in residential areas have been cut down or staked upright.

The debris is not along streets or on lawns.  It is stacked up in out-of-sight working areas,
waiting to be cut or chipped into smaller pieces or mulch and trucked away.

The pool cages on some houses got mangled.

And some houses had roof damage and are waiting for insurance settlements and/or available roofers.

Some had both roof and pool cage damage, but those are not common in my neighborhood.

Quote a few street lights and road signs bit the dust.  In a median strip off Route 41 (Tamiami Trail),
the conventional street signs and an old-fashioned stucco sign both went down.
The conventional signs will be standing soon, but I doubt anyone
wants to pay to restore the old-fashioned stucco sign.

My house is fine.  My worst problem is that the door on my mailbox keeps flopping open.  Lucky me.


Andy said...

Lucky you. Not as bad as the news reports.

Mersad said...

You have been very lucky. For others the rebuilding continues. I hope everyone will recover soon.

Mersad Donko Photography

William Kendall said...

That storm did serious damage in a lot of places.

Sharon Anck said...

Wow, you are lucky! There must be some well built houses in your neighborhood.

RedPat said...

You were really lucky, Jack! What a relief for you!

Michelle said...

You are lucky. We are still waiting on roof repair from damage sent via Hurricane Harvey a couple of months ago.

Bob Crowe said...

My brother and his wife have a home on the west coast, my sister and her husband on the east. Still don't know how either of them got through the storms. Hope your's is okay.

SRQ said...

You are indeed fortunate with just a mailbox issue. I have friends in Ft. Myers who were hit quite hard. Some will be clearing their property for quite some time to come. Another is dealing with a flood insurance policy due to water getting in the house. All in all, though, it could have been much worse. Glad you faired well!

jennyfreckles said...

So glad for you. Interesting to see the aftermath. I suppose a lot has been cleared up by now.

Kay said...

Thanks for the update. Disasters de jour seem to disappear from the media almost as quickly as they hit the front pages. We virtually never see or hear about what's happening in the aftermath. Glad you escaped unscathed although the broken mailbox means I'll have to hold off on sending you any handmade cards.