Saturday, October 21, 2017

Faces in the Center

I carried my camera in West Hartford Center.

Mary was having a professional "branding" portrait photograph made as she sat outside Treva.

Like many photographers, Heather doesn't like having her own photograph taken. 

I like it when an outgoing person sees my camera and "volunteers" to be photographed.
Dave is a funny guy who refuses to give honest answers to questions.
"Q:  What did you do for a living?"  "A:  I was a criminal."

Bill is Dave's more serious friend, a retired lawyer. 
You can make your own joke about lawyers and criminals.


Andy said...

Well done. I admire you skills of getting people to pose for you.

Kate said...

Lawyers and Criminals?! That's no joke!!

Stefan Jansson said...

Maybe they met on the job! I like Mary's smile.

RedPat said...

Great portraits, Jack! Mary looks so pleasant doesn't she?

William Kendall said...

Your photographing the photographer one is my favourite of this set.

Sharon Anck said...

Thanks for the chuckle! Great shots.

Gunn said...

Again, you get so many nice portraits.
You and Steffe are on top of the list of people doing that.

jennyfreckles said...

Funny how some people love being photographed and some people hate it. I'm in the 'hate it' camp.

Kay said...

You do find yourself plenty of people to photograph. Even the less willing look good.