Friday, September 4, 2015


Ewa (pronounced EH'va) is from Poland.  Before working in sales in the jewelry store, she was a Chanel make-up artist.  Ewa is outgoing.  On her own time, she is a passionate cook and gardener.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fleet Feet!

Fleet Feet has to be the busiest store in West Hartford Center.  It took six visits before I found the store quiet enough that the owners could be photographed.

Sisters Steph and Carrie wanted to work together.  They are passionate about running, so they bought Fleet Feet in 2008.  Steph (in the hat, the extrovert) is a former meteorologist.  She handles marketing and promotions.  Carrie (the introvert) has an MBA; she worked in international trade in Washington.  Carrie runs the business side.  Fleet Feet sells athletic shoes and clothing.

Enjoy the Gift of an Ordinary Day

Norma has been a jeweler for 39 years.  She is known for her smile and her giggles.
When I asked for a serious expression, Norma couldn't do it.
So, here she is, twice, with her warm smile.

Norma has four kids.  Outside work, her main interests are family, reading and travel. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Visiting a Jewelry Store

I went to the jewelry store to see if my watch repair was done.  A camera was slung over my shoulder.  John came up and asked if I was the guy with the photography blog.
He has been looking at it for years.  Amazing all the people who look at
these blogs without us knowing it!  I was thrilled to meet an unknown follower.

John had his own food blog for about three years.  Every day he photographed the process of preparing dinner, including a photograph of the completed dinner plate.
When he finds time, John is going to organize the blog contents into a seasonal cookbook.  

Emuelle watched me photograph John, so he stepped up for the next portrait.
Before working in security for the store, he worked in printing.

J.R. is the newest sales associate.  His passion is dance.  J.R. has danced professionally for
seventeen years.  He also choreographs for Connecticut dance companies.

And, Bob has been repairing watches for fifteen years.  After work,
Bob's interests are antiques, fine art, jazz, classical music and cooking.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Calf with Two Heads

In Hartford, the word "curiosities" brings to mind The Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities,
a taxidermy museum on the top floor of the Old State House.  (Really!)
The featured exhibit is a two-headed calf!

In 1787, the painter Joseph Steward rented the top floor of the Hartford state house for a museum to exhibit stuffed animals from far-off lands, like giant tortoises, armadillos and alligators.

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Monday, August 31, 2015


Have I mentioned that the University of Connecticut has a renowned school for puppetry?
The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry is celebrating 50 years of puppetry at UConn.

The National Puppetry Festival was held on the UConn campus at Storrs recently.
On the last day, the attendees put on a puppetry parade.

Tomorrow City Daily Photo bloggers will post photos illustrating "curiosities,"
the theme for October.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Out of the Jurisdiction: Wrong!

After graduating from college in 1968, I worked in Boston City Hall.  I went to an announcement that the Rouse Companies were going to restore three rows of rundown warehouses across the street,
and turn them into restaurants and shops.  Dumbest idea I ever heard!

Faneuil Hall Marketplace opened in the 1970s.  People came.  For 50 years, they have never left.
It is America's fourth most visited tourist attraction.  Got that one wrong, didn't I?

Meanwhile, Boston City Hall is one of the country's most reviled buildings.  
Even though I dislike most of 1960s "brutalist" architecture, I like City Hall.