Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DeRomo's Gourmet Market and Restaurant

On overcast days, I look for indoor things to photograph.  DeRomo's Gourmet Market and Restaurant
is ten minutes up the road.  Today will be its sixth day in business.   From the number of
customers strolling around and checking it out, I predict a winner.

Francis Cuomo is the owner.  He has had five previous food stores and restaurants in Florida and
New York.  This very large upscale market and Italian restaurant is in the Promenade,
a once busy shopping center that suffered badly during the 2008 recession. 
The Promenade sits at the entrance to one of the biggest
communities in southwest Florida,
so it draws upon a large
local clientele.

Good luck, Francis.  I think the Promenade is coming back.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mt. Etna from Taormina

I am now (mostly) unpacked from my semi-annual move between Hartford and Naples,
but before I begin posting Florida photos, there is one more thing
from Italy that I wanted to show you.

This is Thomas Cole's breathtaking, huge 1843 painting of Mt. Etna from Taormina in Sicily.
It hangs in Hartford's Wadsworth Atheneum.  I had it with me on my recent trip,
and planned to show my own modest photograph of a similar scene.

But, I think the painting is a montage, not a faithful representation.

Here is my own similar photo of the ruins (which I also posted on October 9.)

And here is a photo from Taormina of Etna in the distance.

I never came across a vantage point from which one could get the ruins and
a prominent view of Etna into a single scene.

OK, I will try posting new material from Naples (Florida) tomorrow.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Shawn's Pianos

I'm back in Florida but it is going to take a day or two for me to get fresh photos from Naples.
So, why don't you visit my Hartford friend Shawn's studio instead?

Shawn buys, sells, repairs and refurbishes fine pianos.  I like visiting his showroom and workrooms to see which beauties are there.  But, it is frustratingly difficult to photograph them.
They are packed so closely together.

This old Steinway grand piano was in a featured spot.
It has wonderful hand-carved and gilded details.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


I stopped in Savannah for the second night on the way to Florida.

There was going to be a "Light the Night" walk when it got dark.
A group from a dentist's office gathered before the walk.

I decided to get a meal at a nearby pub before the walk started.

Karen and I were walking in the same direction.  She is a retired ballerina and her sister is a photographer, so she was happy to pose for me near a blank wall with a nice iron grill.

A student at Savannah College of Art and Design was doing some intense computer work.

I can't keep my eyes (or camera) off the beautiful wrought iron railings.

Finally, it was dark enough for the walk, a fund-raiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Capturing photographs of moving people carrying lighted torches in the dark is 
WAY beyond my skill level, but I gave it a try. 

I will be in Naples tomorrow night!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heading South

I left Hartford early on Thursday, in light rain.  (This is a windshield shot in western Connecticut . . .
shhhh!)  The sun came out in Pennsylvania but rainclouds resumed in Virginia,
where I stopped for the night.

I always intended to show these nice Hartford women from the summer, but there was never a time.

Claire is a graffiti artist who demonstrated her work at the
Pump House Gallery in Hartford's Bushnell Park.

Mary is a graduate student at University of St. Joseph in West Hartford.  She is the graduate assistant for Women of Wellness, a group of student leaders that develops programs to create awareness and promote physical and mental wellness.  Photographed in -- where else? -- Elizabeth Park.

And Rondelynn is co-owner of Niro, a boutique on Pearl Street.

Friday, October 17, 2014

An October Barn in New England

The scene in Avon, Connecticut, speaks for itself.

I started the drive south to Florida yesterday after two days in Hartford to do laundry and re-pack.
New material from along the way will be posted if I have the chance to find something.
If not, you will see some Hartford pix from the summer.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Streets of Napoli

The hiking trip and the small ship cruise are over.  Back in Napoli for the night 
before catching flights back to the US of A.  This time the hotel is in central Napoli, 
where graffiti covers everything, trash removal seems non-existent,
but crowds roam the streets and the vitality and people watching are superb.