Friday, March 11, 2016

Out of the Jurisdiction: A Day in Quito

On to Ecuador and Quito, a city of 2.5 million, in an active earthquake and volcano zone.

From a high park, we get a view of the Andes, the city (including the basilica straight ahead)
and the hummingbirds that have been painted by local artists.

In a small park below the basilica, there is a statue of a President of Ecuador.

The gargoyles on the basilica feature Andean animals.

Despite some serious earthquakes, the city of Quito has the best preserved, least altered historical center in Latin America, earning it UNESCO World Heritage recognition.

The condor is a symbol used often in the Andes.

A class of Ecuadorean school girls was visiting the President's palace while we were there.
Can I admit that I like this photo?

The monastery of San Francisco.  
The amount of baroque gold decoration in Quito churches dazzles the eye and the mind.

Quito has street art and graffiti everywhere.  This is just a small part of a long wall with painting by different street artists.

Ecuador and Quito are proud of their location on the equator.  A French scientific delegation arrived in Ecuador in the 18th century to do some measurements.  This is a park at the place determined to be the equator.  Unfortunately, modern GPS technology indicates that the line should be
several hundred feet further north.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Really enjoying your trip with you Jack, if I can't be there this is the next best thing! I also admired the shot that you admitted to liking :) the guard standing just off to the right side of the image adds an unexpected element to the image.

Luis Gomez said...

Lovely shots Jack!

Sharon Anck said...

Wonderful photos. I love that view of the city in the top photo.

William Kendall said...

Some amazing architecture there, Jack.

joo said...

I love it!!!!!!

RedPat said...

What a trip, Jack! Galapagos next?

Sylvia K said...

What an incredible trip indeed, Jack!! Your photos are the next best thing to being there myself!! Thank you so much for sharing, as always! Have a great weekend -- camera in hand, of course!!

bill said...

Those are some incredible photos of your incredible journey. It's a pleasure to see a part of the world through your eyes. Keep up the good work Jack!

Michelle said...

I am enjoying this trip with you, Jack!

Dianne said...

The sky has come down to greet you Jack - what a very different world

Kay said...

You covered a lot in a day. I'm especially taken at the thought of Andean gargoyles. What a great cross cultural concept!